Ice infection is a short puzzle game and  my participation for the GDevelop Game Jam 3 in February 2023.

Help Eko and Sana to escape the living ice !
Solo made with Gdevelop and Magicavoxel.

Controls :

  • Left/Right arrows to move
  • press 1 to play Eko
  • press 2 to play Sana
  • E to interact

Crédits :

Avatars by Aivopiru
Items inventory by Adam Saltsman
Animation frames by ZeggyGames


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Amazing! Graphics sound design, Style, the rendered graphics with pixelated astronauts is really cool. I do not like platform games, but this was something very nice indeed. My submission was also my first go at gamejam and gaming. Well unlike me you have delivered a complete product of amazing quality :) Congratulations, I'm sure it was pretty tough to make it :)

Thanks !

This is amazing for a first game. It's visually beautiful and atmospheric. Playing two characters this way made it intriguing, especially in the type of eerie environment you created. I wish there was more. Beautiful work!

Thank you !

This is one of my favorites so far. Original, love the graphics, great job!


Thank you, i am glad you like it !